Brighton is a perfect place for a weekend away; it’s situated on the south coast of England. Brighton is a famous tourist attraction for people to visit, with their stunning beach fronts, the Brighton pier, the Brighton wheel and the famous pebble beach they have.

Other attractions they have are the royal pavilion, Victorian aquariums and the regency architecture. Brighton truly is for anyone, they have everything. If you wish to find out more about Brighton please visit their website





Cornwall is defiantly a place every couple should visit; it’s one of England’s treasures. Cornwall has something for everyone from amazing beaches you can enjoy surfing in the day and sunsets at the night time, from peaceful and sheltered places where you can just enjoy the land around you. They also have some breath taking coastlines in the country, with unique attractions across Cornwall. If you wish to find out more about Cornwall please visit their website





Cotswold’s is one of the most beautiful architectural places in the UK, containing a range of rolling hills that rise from the meadows of the Upper Thames. Along with being one of England’s favourite places, it’s famous for all the honey-colour limestone villages that are there, which are located in such a beautiful rural place within England. Cotswold’s is located in south central England and has been a get a way for people for years.





Devon is one of the most popular places to visit for a weekend away, with Devon being so close to Cornwall you can easily fit both of the places in your weekend away. Although you may struggle to fit everything you want to do in.

There are several different places you can visit in Devon from the Great Dartmoor area where they boast five areas of outstanding natural beauty to Torquay which is the gateway to the English Riviera; The Riviera is packed with a lot of things to do in Devon.

Torquay is jam packed with maritime history and happens to play host to a few sporting events and festivals.



Edinburgh is defiantly a place you need to visit with your partner at some point in your life, Edinburgh is filled with romance and history, this place will be even better for use if your both love history.

With Edinburgh being the capital of Scotland there is a lot going on, they have a medieval old town and a Georgian New Town with gardens and neoclassical building’s. Hanging over the city is the hilltop Edinburgh Castle which is the home to the Scotland crown jewels.

Not to mention if you’re a Harry Potter fan then there’s defiantly more reason to go, with Harry Potter being filmed in Scotland quite a bit. One of the things you can do is The Potter Trail which is where you can take a magical walk through Edinburgh’s Old Town.

lake districtLake District

The Lake District is a massive national park in the north west of England, it is known for their beautiful lakes, mountains and hikes. They are probably the most popular holiday destination for couples and family’s as there is pretty something to do for everyone.

Even if hiking isn’t your thing, the views you will see and have are one of a kind. You just don’t have to do hiking; you can get in the water and do water sports as well.

The lakes is a beautiful place to kayak and canoe, you can reach places you won’t usually see by walking.



With London being the Capital of England there is a lot of things you can see and do there. You can spend the whole weekend down there and still not of touched the service of things you can do, this is why it’s good to decide what you would really like to do before you go down there.

At the centre of London there is the house of Parliament, The famous Big Ben Clock tower and Westminster Abbey. You also have Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and London eye just to name a few.

They are also filled with history considering the 21st century city stretches back to the roman times. Not to forget they have a mass amount of museums and art galleries to visit.

university of oxfordOxford

Oxford is usually known for its famous University, which is an architectural master piece with also being in several films, most famously Harry Potter. Oxford’s University is the central point of Oxford, with it being built in the 12th century.

There is more to do in Oxford though, they have the Oxford University museum of natural history, Oxford Castle, University parks, University of Oxford Botanic Garden and the Sheldonian Theatre. Oxford is a very cultural place.




stratford upon avonStratford-upon-Avon

Stratford-upon-Avon is known as a market town, along with a civil parish, the town was created along the banks of the river Avon.

Stratford-upon-Avon is most famous for being the birth place of Shakespeare where you can visit the birthplace of Shakespeare, Anne Hathaway’s cottage, Royal Shakespeare theatre and the Swan Theatre. Stratford-upon-Avon is a great place to have a day out with your partner and family.




York is known as a historic walled city near the rivers Ouse and Foss in North Yorkshire. One of the reasons a lot of people go there is for the York races, which is an amazing experience if you love the races.

Other things to do in York is the York minster, Clifford’s Tower, Jorvik which is an authentic created Viking city as it stood over 1000 years ago, Castle Museum, York Dungeon, the York boat and so much more.

York is a renowned city for a break away from everything.