The first date can make or break a relationship. What you do during the first date will be closely watched by your partner. This is what will determine whether you get a second date or not. Basically first dates require 2 things-a chance to get to know each other and some creativity. Here are top things to do on a first date:

Go for a walk
Going for a walk is a simple idea that works wonders on most first dates, however many people shy away from it because they feel they need to engage in complex activities to impress their dates. What you need to know is that impressing your date will take much more than engaging in a complex activity. If you are unable to interact and engage your date by engaging him or her in interesting topics and discussions, then nothing you do will make a lasting impression on your date.

If you have the ability to articulate your ideas and interact effectively with your date, then even a simple walk down the street or through a park will a memorable event. On this day do not get tempted to get into heavy discussions. Just enjoy the company of the other person to the fullest.

Go for a picnic
You can create your own picnic by simply picking a nice quiet spot near where you will be meeting your date. Ensure that you pass by a grocery store or restaurant for some quick bites and set up camp for food and conversation with your partner. Picnics do not necessarily involve spending a lot of money as they are supposed to give you time to focus on interacting with your date rather than the gold foil that serves as food wrapping.

Meet up for a drink
This is a popular idea that most people consider safe and fun on first dates. You can consider spicing things up by finding a bar that can teach you how to make new drinks or visit a jazz club.

Visit a favourite tourist spot that both of you have never visited
Visiting a popular tourist site is one of the top 7 things to do on a first date. Even if you and your date have visited most popular tourist site in your area, there is always a site where you have never been. Choose an interesting place and try to be as creative as possible. In addition, ensure that you research on the site before you meet so that you will have handy information about the activities you can engage in during the visit.

Play video games
If both of you love video games, this is the way to go on your first date. You can take time to teach each other new video games as you interact and enjoy playing against a new person. Whatever you do, avoid seeking to beat your date too badly at whichever game you are playing or risk their wrath and hate.

The above top 5 things to do on a first date are just some of the things that are likely to give both of you an opportunity to interact and get to know each other. Remember, the whole purpose of the first date is to enjoy each other’s company while getting insights into the life of the other person.

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