Humans are social beings, and dating is one of the stages that we go through on our way to finding the man of our dreams. Unfortunately, a lot of people are making a lot of mistakes in the process. As a result, they are chasing away their prince or princess who easily mistakes them for a toad. If you want to make an impression and ensure that the dating period is enjoyable, you should avoid the following top 10 dating mistakes:

Talking too much about the ex
There is a reason why your ex is an ex. It means that conversations about him should remain in the past, and you should never bring him up in your present relationship. A lot of times, people tend to miss the person they were with, or they start comparing their current partner with their previous partner. In other cases, they go on and on about how bad or mean he or she was. Any conversation about an ex, whether it is positive or negative, should not be constant in your relationship. While it is true that a conversation about your previous relationship may come up once, may be during the initial stages, it should be limited to a few points. If you think that you are not over your ex, you should take time away from relationships, and only start a new relationship when you are no longer burdened by memories of your previous dating experience.

Overanalysing everything
This is an annoying habit that could easily lead to the end of a relationship. There are some people who are in the habit of over-analysing everything. They dwell on the details of what their partner said, how they said, and what they could possibly have meant. Sometimes they are just anxious about the relationship, and they begin to worry about whether or not it will work out. They may become paranoid, as they start looking for signs that it is not working out. All of this doubt and worry will eventually affect your relationship very negatively.

Playing games
Everyone who is dating is usually afraid of rejection or of getting their heart broken. Therefore, they may end up playing games in order to protect themselves. Others like to play manipulative games when dating in order to get what they want. For example, a man may play games in which they feign attention in order to get the lady to sleep with them. However, after the encounter, they may never contact her again. All of these manipulative games are very unacceptable, and they will kill any relationship that you are in.

Fantasizing too much about the future
It is always better to take one day at a time, especially at the start of the relationship. During this time, both of you are trying to learn more about each other. As a woman, if you find yourself signing off using his last name after three dates, then you should know that it is time to slow down. It is better to know the person well first. This is because these premature illusions may cause you to set very high and unrealistic expectations about the relationship. In case things do not work out, you will be disappointed and heart broken.

Interrogations during the first date
The first date should never feel like a job interview for either of you. It is true that you should try to get to know each other. However, you should give this process some time. Asking deep and personal question will make the person uncomfortable. Questions such as, ‘Where would you go on your honeymoon?’ or ‘How many children would you prefer’ should never be brought up in the first few dates. Be patient, and give each other the time to discover whether you are compatible.

Fear of commitment
This is a problem that a lot of men have, but women are also increasingly afraid of commitment. Unfortunately, even if you are compatible with the person you are dating, and you hope to spend more time together, your fear of commitment could send them packing. Other people are always looking for the perfect partner, and they are afraid of settling with the one that they have at the moment. Unfortunately, this could be disastrous to your relationship, as you may just let go of a perfectly good partner because you are holding out for a person who may never show up.

Going too fast, too soon
It is important for the couple to pace themselves while dating, so that neither of them feels pressured to do anything. A couple who jumps into the deep end may be disappointed when the other person does not follow them in. Give each other time to enjoy every stage that you are in, and move to the next stage together when you are both ready.

Ignoring any red flags
A lot of people are usually so infatuated by the person they are dating, that they ignore any warning signs that present themselves. A person who always cancels out on your dates should be avoided. If he or she asks you to never call them after a certain hour or when they are at home, you should ask yourself several questions. All of these could be warning signs that this person is just not into you. There are other red flags that are a sign of a violent partner or a person who is a pathological liar. Never ignore these signs, and if they appear often enough, leave as fast as you can.

Not being honest about what you want
A lot of people are always okay with everything that their partner does, even if it hurts them deeply. They are usually afraid of saying what is on their mind because they are afraid that they will chase the other person away. Unfortunately, you can only persevere for so long. Furthermore, you do not need to be in a relationship in which your needs are ignored. Find a way to talk to your partner in case their actions hurt you. Be honest about what you need in the relationship. Talk to each other, and come up with a compromise that will make both of you happy.

Sacrificing too much
Sure, relationships do involve some level of sacrifice. However, if you find yourself doing things that go against your values and principles in order to please a person, then you should know that you are making a mistake. All of these sacrifices will eventually lead to the end of your relationship. Unfortunately, people who have low self-esteem usually sacrifice a lot while dating in order to keep the relationship afloat. However, if you truly want to save the relationship, then you need to value yourself. This way, the relationship will be between two equals who are both mature adults and who do not want to compromise each other’s values.

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