Your romantic relationship started off with fireworks then somewhere along the line it started going downhill before eventually dying off. Now you’re struggling to get things back on track.

Well, blame it on the little things you forgot.
The little things that were like the lifeblood of your romantic connection, yet you played deaf all along, lending a blind eye to the “trivialities” that gave your relationship the impetus to go on.

Now you’re in another relationship and things aren’t curving out the way you envisioned either. “There must be something wrong with me,” you keep reminding yourself. Or you find yourself nodding to the adage, “chicks are finicky. Nothing you do gets them sated.”

Well, the problem is not with the person you’re seeing. Neither are you the problem. The problem lies with the little things you’ve been overlooking ever since she made it clear she’s completely yours.

And as much we would still advise you to buy her the moon if you can afford it or fly her out of the country in a private jet for an awe-inspiring break, some of the things we thrust aside as relationship trifles make all the difference. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Be at her service
You’re the rightful head of the family. Everybody knows that. Your partner included. And no one is scheming to bilk the title off you.

But your partner would love to see you whip up something for her at least once in a while. Go through some of the recipes sprinkled online and see what you can prepare for her. Then surprise her one of these fine days with a cooking of your own.

Another old trick that still works the magic is breakfast in bed. Every woman loves that; waking up one day only to find the husband missing, only for him to appear moments later with a scrumptious breakfast on a tray.

Invite her out
You took her out on the first date. And that’s it. Now you never leave the house together to go out and have some fun. It’s either her leaving with her friends or your buddies coming to pick you up.

Come one
Your buddies know you’re married or have a girlfriend and your partner is not a mummy. She also needs some time to blow off steam. Invite her to come over then make plans to ensure she doesn’t get bored as you hang out with your buddies. Do this once in a while and your partner will be convinced that you value her and aren’t therefore afraid to be seen with her in tow.

Flirt with her
You met her, displayed impeccable flirting skills that woo her heart. But the moment you started going out, all that changed. It’s as if that flirty part of you died on that fateful day.

Well, here’s what your partner wants to see you doing from today hence forth; remember that tone you used to introduce yourself when you first met? That tone the eye movement, and body language that got her hamster spinning, making you irresistible? Well, she wants you to stir up that part of you and stroke her self-worth.

Compliment her beauty
She’s beautiful, right? If so, why the hell did you stop telling her that?
Throw wild gazes at her, leering appreciatively at her lips, neck and hair. And when she eventually catches you, use that tone (remember?) to remind her that you still find her beautiful. That’s it.

While some men have perfected this art, many of them have no fleck of chivalry left in them. And their women keep wishing their men would at least take a cue from the chivalrous type so they can start treating them right.

Here’s the thing—learn to open your car door for her. Then pull her chair whenever you go out with her for an eat-out.

It’s cold dummy, why don’t you offer her your jacket. Then walk on the in-side of the road to ensure she’s protected. Do this and she’ll feel appreciated and loved at the same time.

Tell her that you love her
As much as we would like to see you conveying the message of love in form of action, words do count. Your girlfriend needs to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth once in a while, when you mean it.

Just find a perfect opportunity to slip in the word. Start by looking her straight into the eyes then using that tone, tell her softly how much she means the whole world to you. Do this to at least make her feel wanted and secure in the relationship.

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