The first anniversary is a special day in all relationships as it signifies that the couple have successfully gone through the initial stage of their relationship. It allows the couples to celebrate the ups and downs they have gone through in their first year of marriage (which is perceived to be the most difficult), assess how far they have come from and even where they are heading.

As such, this special day should be celebrated in a style so that it strengthens your bond further apart from making you happy.

Below are some great ideas on how to spend your first anniversary:

1. Give out Gifts
One of the best ways to spend your first year in marriage is exchanging gifts with your partner. The gifts you exchange should not be necessarily costly: you can go ahead and present your spouse with the traditional paper gifts for first anniversaries. The paper gifts can be something like a poem, card, photos, and so on.
Regardless of the type of gift that you present your partner with, its message should be one: to show them appreciation for support they have given you in the last one year and show them how special they are to you.

2. Rewind
As mentioned earlier, the first anniversary gives you an opportunity to revisits the great times you had together during the year. To remember this, you can simply get out some photos or videos of both of you having some good time together. This will go a long way in unleashing your memories.

Another great way to revisit your past is looking at your wedding pictures or watching your wedding video together. This is a sure way to rekindle your best experiences on the marriage day.

3. Renew your Vows
Renewal of vows simply refers to a ceremony where couples relive their promises and commitments to reaffirm their devotion and love to each other despite the trials they will encounter in their marriage life. To make this even more enjoyable, you can set the anniversary to coincide with the date of your original wedding.

This idea is highly recommended for couples who wish to celebrate their first anniversary together with friends and family members.

4. Do Some Fun Activities
The fourth idea on how to spend your first anniversary is based on engaging in some fun activities with your partner. To ensure that the activities you chose leave you happy, select the ones that both of you love doing at all times. Some excellent examples include cycling, camping, and hiking, horse riding and going to the movies.

5. Look into the Future
Again, your first anniversary gives you an opportunity to take a closer look at the things you have accomplished in your first year of marriage. At the same time, it allows you to look at the things you are yet to accomplish in your marriage. Take this time together and come up with a list of goals that you would like to achieve in future. This will strengthen your bond even more.

6. Go for a Second Honeymoon
Another great way of celebrating your first anniversary is going to a beautiful place and having some quality time with your partner. You can opt to go back to the same honeymoon you went to after your wedding or choose another location.

7. Hold some Special Dinner
You can also hold some special dinner as a way of spending the special day. The special dinner can be held at your favourite restaurant or a home.

If you decide to have the dinner at your home, then you should prepare something special. For example, the wife can make the first ever dish she made for her man when they were dating or after they got married.

If you chose to have the dinner outside, a good venue for this could be a restaurant where you first met for a date. This will awaken nostalgia to both of you.

Final Thoughts
These are some great ideas on how to spend your first anniversary as a couple. As you may have noted, most of the listed ideas will help you look back to where you have come from, evaluate your current situation and plan for the future while still having fun. Invest in any of the above ideas on your first anniversary and make it a memorable one.

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